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#EmbraceEquity – creating a fair and equal world. 

8th Mar 2023

Across the HW Group, we celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 to recognise women all around the world, celebrate their unique qualities and make the world a fairer and richer place.

It is an important time to reflect on the strides made by women in the financial services industry towards achieving equality and recognition. At the HW Group, we are proud of our remarkable success in 2022, achieving continued growth in supporting the Women in Finance Charter with an uplift in diversity statistics.

In 2020, 67% of our Non-Executive placements were representative of a gender diverse or ethnic background. We managed to increase that to 69% in 2021, 76% in 2022, and now are striving to improve on this in 2023. Our Executive Search statistics reflect a balanced approach to candidate representation and within our own team at HW Group, we have 80% female representation.

As we celebrate the progress that has been made in promoting gender equality in the financial industry, there is still much work to do towards empowering all women to reach their full potential.

In recognition of this, this month we are delighted to be hosting one of many upcoming ‘Women in Financial Services’ events. Attended by clients across the Financial Services industry, including building societies, start-ups, and challenger organisations, we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to meet our (predominantly female!) team.

If you are a client or candidate looking for a move or advice, we’re happy to speak to you. Get in touch ↗ or contact one of our team.

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