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Talent Mapping.

Companies that take a more proactive approach to talent acquisition tend to lead the way. In a hugely competitive global landscape, talent mapping can put you one step ahead.

Our talent mapping solution enables clients to understand where potential leadership talent is employed and located and provides a comprehensive analysis of how their organisational capabilities compare to others in the sector, as well as broader associated markets where early adoption is common.

HW Global
HW Global

Our talent mapping process.

Talent mapping can be as broad or as targeted as you need depending on your business objectives. This can range from an initial information gathering exercise to help gain a competitive advantage to making multiple hires over a sustained period of time.

Projects are typically conducted over 3-12 months with agreed checkpoints along the way, supported by real-time data reports and weekly communication with our consultants to help guide and shape future success.

Talent mapping steps.

HW Global

Identification of key individuals by sector, geography or function


Gathering of specific data and insights, for example, company structures, reporting lines and strategy


Visibility of competitor remuneration packages such as AVP, LTIPs and retention bonuses


Potential M&A activity


Identification of globally mobile executives


Improved employer brand penetration and recognition


Benchmarking internal talent

Client testimonials

We have been proud partners with HW for many years, a mutual relationship based on great delivery and deep trust.

David Haines
Global Talent Director, Mars Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with HW Global during the hiring process and they demonstrated extremely high levels of professionalism, always available to provide insights, updates, coaching and feedback. They not only focused on the hard skills and leadership, but also ensure the optimal culture and values fit. One of the rare firms that engages in post hiring follow up calls and mentoring, helping smooth onboarding and integration. Simply HWG act with warmth and care and I strongly recommend them for new career paths, recruitment and hiring service.

Sherif Riad
Global Chief Supply Chain Officer, Krispy Kreme

HW is not just an expert search partner, they are true business partner, bringing market insights and ongoing support following the placement. I have appreciated their trust, agility, and ability to connect to our culture to get the best fit for our organization.

Cheryl DeSantis
Chief People & Diversity Officer, Smile Direct Club

I have worked with HW not only because of their people, search methodology and reach but the two areas where I think they are really different. Firstly, they truly listen. They take the time to understand your business strategy and people requirements and then they forensically select against these. Secondly, they take this strategic understanding and use this to really sell your business, giving access to exceptional candidates. They are thorough, supportive, flexible and overall great value and fun to work with. I would highly recommend and still use them today!

Stuart Price
Chief People Officer, Zenith

I have worked closely with the HW team for over five years on many difficult search assignments. They are a true business partner, focused on delivering quality outcomes at pace. HW are rigorous in approach, always engaging in direct and constructive dialogue and consistently following through and delivering against commitments. They are willing, capable and energized to take on more complex assignments that often require extensive market research and due diligence, whilst often working through ambiguity on the client side.

Malcolm Armstrong
Global VP P&O Mars Pet Nutrition

Working with HW has been a true partnership to find, narrow down and appoint talented, driven candidates for some of our most exciting roles at Mars. Despite some really tough briefs they have pushed through smiling and always come up trumps. A pleasure to work with and a true partner.

Cathryn Sleight
Chief Growth Officer, Mars Wrigley

HW Global are a great talent partner. The team have worked with us on numerous senior executive commercial leadership roles. I have valued their approach to shaping a quality brief that holds the right tension between our needs and the industry realities, leveraging the quality insights they provide and the quality of the search process where they have an impressive reach, high trust with candidates and a philosophy of accountability and working together, to land the right business solution.

Oli Morton
Chief Customer Officer, Kellogg's

My experience with HWG has been beyond positive - very clear communication, amazing responsiveness and executional excellence through the process. Great clarity on status and next steps at any time. Couldn't be happier with the way the communication went even though there was significant ambiguity - I have always felt very well informed as to where we are, respected as an individual and most importantly well taken care of.

Eliza Simeonova
Global VP Supply Chain, Mars Petcare

The first reason why I like working with HW is because they truly listen, investing enough time upfront on the context of the search before going to the job itself.
The second reason is because they “fish in different ponds”, translating in both a rigorous and creative manner the targeted job scope and the potential career paths that could lead into it.
Finally HW are a true thought partner and not "yes men" just focused on invoicing the fees, which means they do not hesitate to provide feedback on the search, hereby helping to sharpen it.

Jean Christophe Flatin
Global President, Oatly

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience in partnering with this firm and how they made me feel valued and supported as a candidate in the recruiting process.

Tiana Conley
VP Global Portfolio Strategy, Mars Wrigley